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1 DSP controller dies Change a new DSP controller power supply (+5v) in the control box Use the UPS
The machine doesn’t go home. Restart the DSP controller Use a new DSP controller Recover the data in DSP controller: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>DATA SETUP=>RECOVER DATA Reinstall the DSP program ZHBUSB: copy from the CD we sent with the machine.
3 Machine moves to the opposite direction The cable maybe loose and you can check the cable. Change the wire port A+ and A- on motor driver: you can find A+ and A-on the driver in the control box. Change a new red limit switch Change the cable connected with the limit switch
Computer dies when downloading file Data is inordinate and format the data in DSP controller: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENANCE=>DATA SETUP=>FORMAT DATA Enlarge the EMS memory and CPU Change a better computer
Main spindle doesn’t rotate Voltage is too low and use the UPS Check the cable connected with the main spindle Change a new transducer Change a new main spindle Date out of order after being copied and recover the data: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>DATA SETUP=>RECOVER DATA
Machine doesn’t work accurately Change the motor of every axis or change the motor driver. Use ground wire Fasten the linker of the screw ball
Engraving size is not right Change the pulse equivalent according to the type of the machine (screw machine: 320 160 320; gear machine: 127.3 127.3 400; 320,320,320 for XHYZ6090): MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>SYSTEM PARAMATERS=>PULSE EQUIVALENT.
Machine doesn’t work after opened (including the machine don’t go home) The switch is broken, change a new switch There is something wrong with the power, check or change the power Check the cable connected with the switch and pin in one side of the cable
Machine strikes sideward peg when it is working The sensor switch is broken or the sheet copper of the sensor switch is distort, change a new sensor switch or fix the sheet copper The dimension of the machine in controller is not correct, reset the dimension according to the working size (the soft limited in the DSP): MANU=>MANUAL SETUP=>MOTION LIMIT.
Blade is broken when engraving Lower the engraving speed: MANU=>MANUAL SETUP=>MOTION PARAMATERS LOW SPEED/HGIH SPEED. If the material is too thick, engrave by steps Change a better quality blade Collet is in a wrong position and correct it.
There are some leftover of the material when the machine is working. Rectify the interspace of the screw of every axis in DSP: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>SCREW INTERSPACE Change the bearing on the screw ball Fasten the linker of Y axis (for ball screw machine)
Red sensor switch is ok but can’t stop the machine Sensor switch is dirty and clean it Sheet copper is too far away from the red sensor switch, the best distance is 1-2mm When we operate machine manually, the sensor switch doesn’t work
Add machine in soft ware TYPE3 Open TYPE3, and find the machining=> set up machines =>choose the FAUNC OMD in CNC machines=>ok
X-axis or y-axis doesn’t move Usually it is the problem of the stepper motor, driver and cable connected with the x-axis or y-axis, check them and correct
15 How to protect the vacuum hold down table Don’t hollow out the material when engraving
How to change Chinese version to English (DSP) Open English version ZHBUSB, Download Controller Menu and Download Label.
How to solve the problem of message over Z + limited in Type3 We need to set up machine When use s TYPE3, the initial position and end position of Z-axis are the same and higher than Z axis between contour.
How to change the language of TYPE3 from Chinese to English Open the soft ware type3 and press the button F10. It will appear option windows. You can choose English.
19 Oil of the vacuum pump used in CNC router XHYC1325 Use engine oil 68#

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